The Lord of the Rings, Middle-earth Expanded is a modification essentially just starting where EA left off and using EA’s style of making the game to complete the Rohan and Arnor factions. The mod is a stand alone modification like the RC mod. The Rohan Faction (Released in v1) has everything EA originally had in BFME. It also expands upon that and incorporates new Elite Rohan Units (Courtesy of Ridder Geel). The Rohan heroes have been revamped to be balanced facing Gondor and other factions.

Therefore with that said there are quite a few things this modification is trying to accomplish:

– Complete Rohan Faction including AI styled the way EA intended

– Complete Arnor Faction including AI styled the way EA intended

– Balanced ROTWK factions

This includes button and portrait images all the way up to models and other ideas.

The first release includes the Rohan Faction in a fully functioning order, Arnor shall be next followed by a third release that has balancing, bug fixing, a custom launcher, and the AI.

ModDB Link: http://www.moddb.com…-earth-expanded